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 query : Domain Authority and Page Authority staying on 1 For some reason, my DA and PA of my website (https://codetheweb.blog) are 1, according to: http://www.seoreviewtools.com/website-authority-checker/ http://www.checkmoz.com/moz-metrics


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For some reason, my DA and PA of my website (https://codetheweb.blog) are 1, according to:

www.seoreviewtools.com/website-authority-checker/ http://www.checkmoz.com/moz-metrics/

When I try looking at my website using the Moz Open Site Explorer, it just keeps saying "Loading" forever. Is there something wrong with my site? Is there something wrong with Moz?

I know that my DA & PA cannot actually be 1, for the following reasons:

I have a few good-quality backlinks according to www.seoreviewtools.com/valuable-backlinks-checker/ My website comes second in Google when searching for "Code The Web" in most countries, whereas it didn't a few weeks ago. However, the PA / DA has not improved since then.

Any idea what is going on? I'm seriously confused. (btw: my URL age is 0.2 years, but surely my DA & PA would at least be more than one... )

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Judging by WayBack Machine, your site has existed since around September this year — so around 3 months. A cursory look at your backlink profile in Majestic doesn't suggest any high quality links – quite the opposite.

I can't see any reason why you expect higher values for Page and Domain Authority.

As to why Moz itself isn't showing data, in my experience even for very well-established sites Moz's sample size is substantially smaller than those of more specialised link tools like Majestic. I suspect Moz simply hasn't collected enough meaningful data on your site yet.

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