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 query : Backlink building for multiple local businesses in same industry First, some prefacing which I believe will help give important context to my question. All of our clients' sites (150+ of them)


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First, some prefacing which I believe will help give important context to my question.

All of our clients' sites (150+ of them) have a few things in common:

They're all in the same field.
They're local businesses.
Lead gen sites only, with no e-commerce.
In part because of these things, they tend to be very low monthly traffic. I would wager that for any of them above 1,000 hits a month (which is very few of them), the great majority of their hits will be non-local, non-leads. Since we're lead-gen only, this traffic is very low priority to us.
Our clients use templated websites and content. Duplicate? Yes; however we've done some testing and have found that we don't lose traffic as a result of this. We suspect it's because the sites' focuses are so heavily localized.

This industry has some major players in the medical field who tend to produce popular content for queries at the top of the conversion funnel; we don't try to compete with these and instead focus almost entirely on bottom-of-the-funnel traffic.

Here's my question: What are some best practices for link building in a situation like this? Ordinarily, the general strategy might include generating great quality content, building a network with high authority sites, etc. However this seems to go out the window when we're looking at trying to do this for 150+ sites.

Our standard approach is to work with local partners and affiliates to build a network. We've had some success with this, although it has some lower, finite limitations than a more global business would have.

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First of all, Focus on Keyword Research than anything else. Because if you don't choose right keywords for your business then you cant do well but efforts remain too much.
But with Right Keywords, you can compete with big giants with fewer Backlinks.

Then On page SEO. (Your 70% Game depends upon these 2 points)

Then start Backlinks.

the Best Strategy for this is Copying Competitors BL Profile. it is the Easiest and best method to save time and Efforts.

Outreach Also another best method. use Ahrefs for Backlinks (broken, new, Competitors and everything)

You can also exchange Links with your clients where they don't compete with each other and with their permission.

Google+, tweets also helps you.

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start Creating local places pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Online citations and reviews might also help. You can also try running an AMA on Reddit (within a relevant subreddit)and within other local communities. Well, if all your clients are in the same market with same product and services, then you may be having a potential conflict.

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